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Podium Triumph: Croatia Takes Second at Jasna Ski World Cup!

1 minute read

We are overjoyed to announce that Croatia has secured second place in the recent Jasna Ski World Cup, as the young ski sensation Zrinka Ljutić continues to make skiing history. Zrinka finished second in the Slalom in Jasna, Slovakia, during the weekend showcasing remarkable talent on the slopes. Her outstanding achievement was proudly acknowledged with a medal presented by SanaClis CEO, Alexander Fetkovsky!
In addition to celebrating Zrinka's success, we also extend our best wishes to Slovak champion Petra Vlhova, who unfortunately suffered a knee injury. We eagerly anticipate her return next season, confident that she will come back even stronger.
All of us at SanaClis commend all the skiers who participated in this exceptional event and once again our biggest congratulations to Zrinka Ljutić for her remarkable performances at the Jasna Ski World Cup!


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