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Global Strategic Sourcing

End-to-end sourcing services specifically tailored for each individual project requirement



Streamlining of Sourcing Activities via Our Privately Owned GMP/GDP Depots

We adapt to the scope of each sourcing requirement through our End-to-End Sourcing services specifically tailored for each individual project requirement, streamlining Sourcing activities via privately owned GMP/GDP supply chain Depots.

We offer a transparent and short sourcing process through direct sourcing via manufacturers or indirect sourcing from our global wholesaler network.


Our Integrated Central and Local Sourcing Services 


  • Customized Sourcing Solution for your Clinical Trial
  • Access to the procurement of medication and medical device worldwide 
  •  Procurement, storage and distribution in line with GDP standards 
  • Direct procurement from manufactures & indirect procurement from distributors and pre-qualified vendors  
  • Internal GMP labelling & packaging facilities 
  • Kit level traceability 

  • Substantial KPI reporting metrics, including financial, performance, deliverables and quality etc

  • Customer accessible inventory system (SIMS)
  • QP services (in-house)
  • Privately owned GMP/GDP Depot network
  • Worldwide T° controlled Logistics
  • In-house Import/Customs brokerage services
  • Returns Management and destruction
  • Global Drug Shortage Reporting 
  • Local & Regional Regulatory Support (labeling requirements & import/export expertise)
  • Drug Shortage and Forecast Reporting



What We Source

  • Reference listed products for Clinical trial purposes
  • Registered pharmaceutical products for Analytical purposes
  • Biosimilars
  • REMS Products
  • Generics, OTC products, Food supplements
  • Unlicensed Medicines
  • Medical Devices and Clinical Trial Supplies/ Ancillaries

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