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A dedicated CRO and Supply Chain partner, for your entire clinical trial management needs


At the Frontier of Innovation

Biotechnology companies have an extraordinary impact on clinical research and have led to scientific breakthroughs varying from genomic to first-in-class immunotherapies. As their contribution to the global biomedical innovation ecosystem grows, CRO partnerships allow them to optimize study flexibility and significantly increase access to advanced expertise and technology.

At SanaClis, we join forces in a collaborative environment to proactively manage end-to-end clinical studies.


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Expertise You Can Rely On



years experience in clinical research across all phases & indications



studies finished ahead of schedule and budget



shipments to sites via our in-house clinical supply chain



projects as a functional & full-service provider

Clinical Trial Experience

With a substantial clinical portfolio encompassing some of the world's most treatment adverse conditions and diseases, SanaClis can assist your project with the therapeutic expertise required.


Oncology: 25.5%

Respiratory: 17%

Metabolic: 12.8%

Cardiology: 11.2%

Gynaecology & Urology: 5.3%

Psychiatry: 4.8%

Rheumatology: 4.3%

Dermatology: 3.2%

Neurology: 2.7%

Immunology & Vitology: 2.1%

Pain management: 2.1%

Infections: 2.1%

Gastroentology: 2.1%

Haematology: 1.6%

Hepatology: 1.1%

Neonatology: 1.1%

Orthopaedics: 1.1%

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