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SanaClis is Proud to Support the Žampa Cup Ski Race

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SanaClis is once again proud to support the Žampa Cup Ski Race, a prestigious event founded in 2014 by the talented Žampa brothers.

The race was inspired by Adam Žampa's remarkable performances at the Winter Olympics in Sochi. The Žampa Cup aims to nurture future skiing talents and provide young enthusiasts aged 8 to 16 with an opportunity to pursue their sports dreams while enjoying the beauty of nature and fresh air.

The Žampa Cup offers young skiers a platform to showcase their skills and passion for the sport. What sets this race apart is its commitment to inclusivity, as participation is completely free for all interested individuals. Every participant is treated to a fantastic starter package and receives a well-deserved medal upon completing the race.

We are delighted to see our employees and their families having an unforgettable weekend at the Žampa Cup in the High Tatras mountain, coming together to celebrate the spirit of skiing and participate in outdoor activities, such as skiing to hiking and ski touring. Events like the Žampa Cup do not only cultivate a balanced lifestyle, but also bring us closer as a team and create lasting memories for participants of all ages. 

It was a pleasure to have our Communications Director, Lora Bogoeva present the awards to the young racer champions, showcasing our dedication to fostering emerging talent and encouraging sports.

At SanaClis, we prioritize promoting outdoor activities, sports, and a healthy lifestyle. We believe in supporting initiatives like the Žampa Cup that not only promote sportsmanship and healthy competition but also inspire us to stay active and embrace challenges.

Here's to more adventures and team bonding experiences!  

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