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SanaClis Inventory Management System

A revolutionary inventory system to support IMP Product accountability and Randomization throughout the entire cold chain process & study duration.


Around the Clock Online Inventory Management Reporting System 

SIMS is reinforced by GxP processes, such as double-scanning principle for handling of units to prevent errors.

24/7 Online Customer Access – Extensive online visibility & reporting system that provides comprehensive data concerning the IMP (or other product, ancillary) in real time.

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Key Advantages of SIMS:

  • SIMS has a built-in data validation mechanism with automatic operational checks such as storage conditions, expiry dates, central stock levels, record of dispatch, receipt, returned, destruction etc.
  • A comprehensive barcoding system is used for the registration of incoming products and tracking of all subsequent operations performed at depot.
  • SIMS keeps all records in a reliable and highly secure database, with consistent remote daily backups (up to date electronic stock & data management).
  • SIMS also features direct B2B and integration links with the IRT systems of the sponsor, providing and updating the relevant data automatically.
  • SIMS Online Access is a live copy of the company’s internal management system, designed for direct clients' online access 24/7.
  • The system allows us to check and monitor storage temperature at our warehouses in real-time. No special tools or registration are required and full training is provided to our customers assigned team.

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