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Storage & Distribution

Privately owned global network of extensive state of the art GMP/GDP Storage & Distribution depots.


End-to-End Supply Chain Infrastructure to Support the Entire Lifecycle of the Product 

All of our depots across major regions implement the best practices and latest technology to support clinical trial logistics in compliance with GCP, GDP, and GMP standards.



Global network of 20+ depots



over 4000m² storage capacity



solely owned warehouses in the US, EU and non EU countries

Storage and Distribution to Support All Temperature Requirements

  •  Ambient 15°C to 25°C
  •  Cold 2°C to 8°C
  •  Frozen -20°C
  •  Deep Frozen -80°C
  • Liquid Nitrogen

Drug Delivery

  • Pick, Pack, Ship temperature non-controlled site shipment
  • Pick, Pack, Ship temperature controlled site shipment
  • Pick, Pack, Ship temperature controlled site shipment Frozen
  • Pick, Pack, Ship temperature controlled site shipment Deep Frozen
  • Pick, Pack, Ship temperature controlled site shipment Liquid Nitrogen


Group 851

Repackaging, Labelling, Relabeling, local Labelling and Label Printing

  • Product Secondary Labelling - Ambient, Cold, 2°C to 8°C and Dry Ice
  • Product Assembling and Tamper Sealing Ambient, Cold, 2°C to 8°C and Dry Ice
  • In-house Single Panel Label Production
  • Shelf Life Extension relabelling

Cryogenic Storage, Labelling, Packaging & Distribution

Comprehensive storage, packaging, labeling, and distribution solutions for products/samples which require cryogenic support.

Our cryogenic infrastructure supports the storing and distribution of products, including cell based IMP and a variety of other biological material/product.

At SanaClis we have an extensive inventory of temperature validated shipping containers, that are available in a wide range of capacities and allow for extensive holding times.


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Our GMP facilities are licensed to store and distribute radiopharmaceuticals products. This allows us  to further increase the unmet need of our customers, ensuring that all innovative medical research has the necessary support to continue to improve the lives of patients worldwide.



Controlled Substances 

SanaClis' depots are fully licensed to store and distribute all products classified as controlled substances across all schedules: I-IV. In addition all applicable cold chain services such as repackaging, labeling, etc. can be performed with products designated as controlled substances. 



Labelling & Packaging Services

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Labelling & Packaging Services

GMP repackaging and labelling at all required conditions and associated local regulatory labelling intelligence



Shipment Solutions

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Shipment Solutions

Temperature controlled solutions for the transport of investigational medicinal products, biological samples and clinical trial supplies (including ancillaries) direct to clinical investigator sites or direct to patient



Storage & Distribution

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Storage & Distribution

Privately owned portfolio of GMP storage & distribution facilities in all major regions including EU, US, APAC, LATAM & South Africa. Full-range of temperature conditions are provided.


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