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SanaClis: Transforming the Healthcare Industry with End-to-End Clinical Services

Article Updated: October 7, 2021




SanaClis is a full-service global CRO with a fully integrated clinical supply chain, thereby offering a comprehensive range of end-to-end services for clinical trials. SanaClis was founded in the year 2000 by seasoned industry experts who had an executive-level positions in leading pharma companies and large global CROs.

SanaClis has vast experience of successfully running studies for various sized sponsors. Every project is a fundamental priority for the SanaClis, irrespective of the size or scope. SanaClis believes that every company and professional should receive an extremely high level of quality and clinical excellence applied to its projects. SanaClis prides itself upon its esteemed track record of successfully delivering various projects on time and on budget, ensuring quality, expertise and responsiveness resonates throughout the entire project duration.

Experts in Providing Streamlined End-to-End Clinical Service

The primary concept behind SanaClis was to provide a solution to the unmet need and undeveloped storage and distribution infrastructure for the clinical trial material in central and eastern European regions. Company’s Chairman and Co-Founder, Dr. Natalia Fetkovska, who has previously held such a senior position, soon identified the fundamental need for better storage and distribution infrastructure in CEE regions and, consequently, because of this need, SanaClis was born.

From the conception of the company in 1999, SanaClis was and still is the most firmly established and recognized clinical storage and distribution service provider in Europe and soon after became a recognized global name for both CRO (Clinical Operations) and Clinical Supply Chain services combined.

Whilst supply chain and the associated storage and distribution services were the integral foundation upon which SanaClis was born, it was soon identified by senior management that the experience and regional expertise within CEE regions could be utilized further. As a result, SanaClis shortly after began to offer a comprehensive and full range of clinical CRO services to support clinical trials across all therapeutic areas, indications and phasesthroughout the EU (Europe/Eur-Asia) and the USA.

SanaClis provides a streamlined end-to-end clinical service to the customers through the entire lifecycle of the clinical project allowing for operational and financial efficiencies, which proved to be and still is, a huge attraction for the customers, who have enjoyed the benefits of this approach for years, across multiple clinical projects.

Leveraging Cutting-Edge Technologies Within the Clinical Supply Chains

Alexander Fetkovsky was the appointed CEO of SanaClis, having previously held positions in the company such as Senior Managing Partner and Member of the Board. Throughout his time at SanaClis, Alexander has been instrumental in ensuring the organic growth of the company by providing a solid foundation in which the company has excelled. Bringing his wealth of experience, from holding positions in top 10 pharmaceutical companies, Alexander has pioneered not only in the company’s operational capabilities and capacities, but also in establishing strategic relationships with new customers across the world, from large pharma to small biotech, thereby nurturing the company’s existing relationships with its valued customers.

“Innovative technology within the clinical supply chain is key to ensuring the best possible outcomes and product accountability throughout its lifecycle” Alexander CEO. As such, Alexander has led and overseen the significant development and implementation of cutting-edge technologies that are applied to the projects entrusted in the company’s care across both core service offerings.

Remarkable Contribution tothe Clinical Industry

SanaClis regularly undertakes in-depth reviews into current industry challenges and once a challenge or unmet need has been identified, the company endeavours to find a solution without unduedelay. In general, SanaClis has been notorious for reacting promptly to industry challenges and trends, providing a plethora of solutions to overcome any current or potential issues. SanaClis has been and still is, privileged to work with some of the industry’s most recognized companies, from being a preferred partner to top 10 pharma companies, to working with some of the most esteemed clinical scientists around the world. Having successfully conducted over 530 international clinical trial supply projects, above 68,500 direct-to-site shipments and 195 successful international clinical trial studies, SanaClis stands as a veteran within the clinical development industry.

Harbouring Meaningful Relationships

SanaClis is unique for a variety of reasons, not only for its extensive capabilities, such as the subsequent provisions of both CRO and clinical supply services (including a full sourcing model, for both ancillaries and medication, rescue comparator etc) globally, but also for its geographical experience in strategic countries that offer a wealth of added value benefits. The company’s streamlined service offering is reinforced through the use of innovative technologies, an expert workforce, with a keen focus on quality, timelines and budget. Over the past 20 years, SanaClis has been proud to harbour meaningful relationships with companies from across the clinical development spectrum, from large pharma to strategic partnerships with medical manufacturers and distributors.

Pandemic Being the Challenge

Covid-19 inevitably had an impact upon all companies within the industry and SanaClis was not an exception. Whilst the industry saw significant delays to planned and already initiated clinical trials, it was important for SanaClis to respond in such a way that would alleviate the effects of the pandemic upon the projects entrusted into the company’s care. In March 2020, when the executive board decided to implement the company’s crisis protocol, SanaClis’s main concern was the preservation and limitation of disruption to ongoing projects, keeping both safety of the patient and site staff as the key priority. Many of the initiatives worked, such as the introduction of patient safety and compliance kits thereby minimising disruption.

Strengthening The Future with Technology

SanaClis is going from strength to strength, and it is anticipated that the company will continue on the same upwards trajectory throughout 2022. SanaClis aims to further enhance its core CRO and clinical supply operations in the USA and APAC regions and similarly simplify the challenges often faced for multinational clinical trial projects, which involve the US, APAC, and EU regions respectively.

Exciting plans are already underway to construct storage and distribution facilities in the USA and APAC regions, for IMP and ancillaries, which shall be added to the company’s already extensive portfolio of privately owned GMP/GDP certified depots.

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