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SanaClis & Slavko Cycling Club Forge an Alliance

1 minute read

We are delighted to announce that SanaClis has officially partnered with Slavko cycling club!

At SanaClis, we're passionate about supporting initiatives that promote health, wellness, youth programs and community engagement. That's why teaming up with Slavko feels like a natural fit.

Established in 2019, Slavko cycling club has been dedicated to nurturing and empowering young racers in the Danube Plain region. Their commitment to providing top-notch coaching and fostering a supportive environment for both recreational and competitive cyclists align perfectly with our values at SanaClis.

With a track record boasting achievements like being the top-ranking Bratislava club in the Slovak Youth Cycling Cup and producing national champions, Slavko will undoubtedly make its mark in the cycling community. Their emphasis on individualized training plans and high-quality strength training reflects their dedication to the holistic development of their members.

As proud partners, we look forward to supporting Slavko in their mission to elevate the cycling experience for enthusiasts across the region, and especially for young talents. Together, we aim to amplify opportunities for growth, achievement, and friendships within the cycling community.

 Here's to a thrilling journey ahead!

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