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SanaClis Acquires S2 ScienceSolutions GmbH

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The move to acquire marks is an important step in increasing SanaClis' coverage and capabilities within the DACH region as the team of S2 ScienceSolutions has successfully managed phase I – IV clinical trials for over 20 years. In addition, the company has exceptional know-how within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industry and offers services for vigilance and quality assurance.

 “SanaClis and S2 ScienceSolutions have had a productive collaboration for many years. The acquisition fits into SanaClis' strategy to provide global end-to-end clinical trial services as we continue to drive innovation and clinical excellence in this space,” says Alexander Fetkovsky, CEO of SanaClis. “We believe that by joining forces we will be exceptionally well-positioned to support our customers’ needs into the future.”

In light of this announcement, S2 ScienceSolutions founding partner Katharina Glaninger-Ullmann will continue her duties and her dedicated team will bring important capabilities and assets to the table that will help SanaClis to realise its expansion plans swiftly.
Commenting on this positive development Katharina Glaninger said: “S2 ScienceSolutions is excited to become a member of SanaClis as this is an excellent symbiosis with a fruitful future, where both can profit: Sanaclis having an affiliate and very experienced staff in Austria and S2 ScienceSolutions being part of a big, modern, and structured CRO. Furthermore, both companies are privately owned, and this spirit can be felt in the daily work life.”

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