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Cell & Gene Therapies

Bespoke in-house capabilities and experience to manage the entire lifecycle of your Cell & Gene project


Bridging Capability Gaps in Cell and Gene Therapies (CGTs)

Breakthrough innovations in cell and gene therapies (CGT) have significantly increased our ability to treat and cure illnesses. These new frontiers and major leaps in personalized medicine are also stretching skillsets as they require a fundamental shift in supply chain operating models.

Our around the clock availability,  precise control processes and advanced technologies is the backbone for our distribution model.


Turning to a Trusted Partner 

The necessary requirements for handling, storing and distributing CGTs, can often be complex and very challenging. There is a strict need to fulfill the requirements needed in terms of time constraints and temperature sensitivity, whilst having continual logistical capacity  available at ease and ultra-cold storage to ensure the safety of the product.  

As a trusted partner of choice, SanaClis has the necessary infrastructure both in terms of supply chain and CRO capabilities to fully support Cell and Gene Therapy focused projects. 

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