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SanaClis Sponsors Rising Slovak Tennis Player Alex Molčan

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January 17, 2023

SanaClis is proud to announce a high-level sponsorship deal for the rising Slovak tennis player Alex Molčan. Alex is currently Slovakia’s No.1 tennis player, ranked 50th on the ATP ranking, and having reached an all-time high of #38 in his career to date

Having started in 2021 as the number 313 and climbing up the ladder in just over a year to the 38th spot, Alex is one the fastest rising players and has earned the award ‘Best Slovak Player of 2022'. SanaClis is excited to pair our brand with an individual who, just like us, is determined to succeed and grow.
Alex is leading the way not just on the tennis court but in the local community, too, inspiring more young, talented people from the region to pursue their goals. Alex’s success embodies our belief that sports have the power to break barriers and limitations.
SanaClis CEO Alexander Fetkovsky said: “We are very proud to support an athlete from our native Slovakia. We believe that Alex symbolizes our values, objectives, and vision – hard work, persistence, and determination. His strong-willed character has helped him achieve the goals he has reached to date, and we will support him to break new records and reach new heights on a global scale.”
This collaboration once again demonstrates SanaClis’ commitment to promoting the region, both at a national and international level. Our mission is to encourage and inspire young athletes, and we will strive to achieve a more equal, sustainable landscape in Slovakia where athletes feel supported and invested in as they grow in their careers.
On Monday night, 16th January Australia time, Alex won against Swiss star Stanislas Wawrinka and advanced to the second round of the Australian Open at Melbourne Park. We are all celebrating this enormous success at SanaClis and keep our fingers crossed for the upcoming matches.

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