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& Procurement of PPE

Ensure the safety of patient and clinical professionals alike with our in-house manufactured personal protective equipment (PPE) kits.

We Care About Safety

The requirement of personal protective equipment is vital to ensure the safety of both the patient and clinical professionals of those involved within the study. SanaClis has the capabilities to manufacture via its own resources PPE, which are CE marked and fully compliant with all applicable EU legislation. In addition, SanaClis has long-standing relationships with manufacturers of PPE around the world and is able to procure the required PPE without delay.


Patient Safety and Compliance Kits

Ourt Safety and Compliance kits, which are specifically created in close collaboration with the sponsor, designed around the study requirements, and implemented within the Protocol. These kits contain the required PPE for all involved within the study and have all the needed protective equipment required throughout the duration of the study, from FFP3 Respirators, Sanitizers, Infra-red thermometers, etc.

Procurement of Large Quantities of PPE for National Use

In addition to the provision of PPE required for Clinical Trials, SanaClis also provides all types of Personal Equipment and Ancillaries to national and private institutions, governments, humanitarian relief/crises, and Hospitals. Due to pre-existing partnerships with manufacturers, airlines/cargo specialists, SanaClis can procure and deliver fully compliant Personal Protective Equipment in vast quantities in very short time frames and on budget.




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